Delayed Opening & Early Dismissal Policy for
2019-2020 school year

If the Berlin Public Schools call for a delayed opening or an emergency early dismissal, KNS observes the following policies:

  • Early closing of Berlin Schools because of bad weather will result in an early closing of KNS. Classes dismiss at 11:30.

  • A 2-hour delay opening for Berlin Schools will result in an abbreviated day for both classes as follows:

    • PK 3 class: 10:30-12:30

    • PK 4/5 class: 10:30-1:55

***NOTE: Announcement of cancellation of PK programs due to weather on local stations is for public schools only. If you are in doubt, contact your class VP or call KNS.

School policy is to make up snow days when they exceed two cancellations for the PK 3 class and three cancellations for the PK 4/5 class.


Working Parent Schedule

As a family centered school, parents/guardians assist in the classroom on a rotating basis. The month-by-month schedule for each session is posted in the classroom. Additionally, when available, these schedules as originally published at the beginning of the school year unless otherwise noted may be accessed below. Working parents/guardians are able to "trade" working days and must notify the teacher of the change.